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Looking for a map that covers the Rideau region. Check below for a listing of different maps that cover this region.

Hydrographic Charts

The hydrographic charts are boating navigation charts. The Rideau Waterway is covered by two charts, 1512 and 1513, which are at a scale of 1;20,000 and have water depths marked in feet. Water depths are shown approximately every 1,500 feet (500 metres), sometimes closer in areas with rapid water depth changes. In addition, most navigation markers are shown and the locks are shown in detail with 1:4,800 scale inserts. The charts are marked with latitude and longitude co-ordinates based on either NAD27 or NAD83 (remember to adjust your GPS unit accordingly). You can buy the charts listed below from: Friends of the Rideau

Chart No. Title Scale Edition
1512 Rideau Waterway - Ottawa to Smiths Falls 1:20,000 May-03-2002
1513 Rideau Waterway - Smiths Falls to Kingston 1:20,000 June-07-1996
1514 Ottawa River - Carillon to Papineauville 1:20,000 July-24-1998
1515 Ottawa River - Papineauville to Ottawa 1:20,000 July-24-1998
1510 Ottawa River - Lac des Deux Montagnes 1:30,000 June 14, 2002
2017 Lake Ontario - Kingston Harbour and Approaches 1:15,000 July-13-1990

Please note that nautical charts have their information periodically updated with a "Notice to Mariners" which details changes since the chart was produced. To view these notices and ammend your current chart, please visit the Notice To Mariners Website

Charts can only be purchased through authorized dealers. For more information about charts, including a catalogue and price list of current charts and publications, contact:

Hydrographic Chart Distribution Office,
1675 Russell Road,
P.O. Box 8080,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3H6,
Telephone: 613-998-4931/32/33
Fax: 613-998-1217
e-mail: CHS_sales@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Web Site: Canadian Hydrographic Service

The Rideau Charts can be purchased from the Friends of the Rideau. In addition, most of the lockstations along the Rideau sell the Rideau charts.
NTS Topographic Maps

The National Topographic Series Maps are produced by the Canadian Federal Government. The most detailed are the 1:50,000 series, which have 25 foot or 10 metre (depending on the age of the map) contour intervals. Older maps are based on NAD27, some are based on the May 1976 adjustment to NAD27, and all the newer maps are based on NAD83. Nato accuracy ratings are also included (A0 = best). These contour maps show most surface features, including man-made features. The maps are gridded with both Lat and Long co-ordinates and UTM co-ordinates.

NTS 1:250,000 Maps
NTS No. Title Year Contour Datum Nato
31C Kingston 1970 100 ft. NAD27 B1
31B Ogdensburg 1990 20m NAD27 A0
31G Ottawa 1996 100 ft. NAD83 A1

NTS 1:50,000 Maps
NTS No. Title Year Contour Datum Nato
31C/8 Gananoque 1988 10m MAY76 A0
31C/9 Westport 1989 10m NAD83 A0
31C/16 Perth 1989 10m. NAD83 A0
31B/13 Merrickville 1979 10m MAY76 A0
31G/4 Kemptville 1979 10m MAY76 A0
31G/5 Ottawa 1984 10m MAY76 A0

NTS Location Map
NTS Location Map

For more information, contact:

Canada Map Office
130 Bentley Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0E9

Tel: 613-952-7000
Toll Free: 1-800-465-6277 (Canada and the U.S.).
email: info@GeoCan.NRCAN.gc.ca
Web Site: Geomatics Canada/Géomatique Canada

Note that the Canada Map Office no longer sells maps. To purchase maps contact your local map dealer (see your Yellow Pages) or an on-line service such as World of Maps

Miscellaneous Maps

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