Chaffeys Lockstation
Chaffeys - Lock 37
photo by: Ken W. Watson

A single lock provides 11.2 feet (3.4 m) of lift. Chaffeys is a peaceful hamlet and it's a favourite tie up spot for boaters. The picturesque old (1872) grist mill is privately owned, presently being converted into a B&B.

This spot originally had a thriving mill business established by Samuel and Benjamin Chaffey. The canal plan was to bypass those mills with two locks in an excavated canal cut. But closer examination of the ground found that it would be very difficult to do. Samuel Chaffey died in 1827 and in the end, Colonel By bought out the mills from Samuel's widow and his brother, allowing the locks to be placed in the existing channel. In the end, only one lock was constructed, Colonel By decided that too much land (requiring compensation) would be flooded if he raised the water any higher. Because of this and difficulties in excavation at Newboro, a lock at Newboro and a lock at Narrows were added to complete the navigation into Big Rideau Lake.

For a full history of the Chaffeys Lock see: History of the Chaffeys Lock

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