Jones Falls
Jones Falls - Locks 39-42
photo by: Ken W. Watson

Four locks (one detached, three in flight) provide 57.1 feet (17.4 m) of lift. The photo is of the turning basin, looking to the upper lock and the old Blacksmith's Shop (now closed).

Jones Falls is arguably the greatest feat of engineering on the Rideau Canal, the magnificent stonework of the locks and the incredible Great Stone Arch Dam that backs up almost 50 feet of water. There were several plans put forward for providing navigation through or around the Jones Falls Rapids which extended for almost a mile (1.6 km) in length. In the end, a narrowing in a gorge partway up the rapids was chosen as a location for the largest dam to be built on the Rideau Canal. A dry relict flood channel, MacDonald's Snie (gully), was chosen to build the locks. Originally six locks were to be built, two sets of three flight locks separated by a basin. However, when the lock size was changed from 108 to 134 feet in 1828, plans had to be revised and to fit the larger locks into the allowable space meant that there was only room for four locks.

For a full history of the Jones Falls Locks see: History of the Jones Falls Locks

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