Davis Lock - A Contrast of Seasons - a quilt by Pat Watson
"Davis Lock - A Contrast of Seasons"
A quilt by Pat Watson

photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2007

One of the categories in the quilt contest held for the 2007 International Plowing Match was "The Rideau Calls" This is the first place winner, a quilt done by my wife Pat. I can readily attest to the many (many, many) hours that went into the planning and "construction" of this beautiful quilt. Pat was of course very pleased to have won first place, especially after she saw the quality of the other quilts in the competition (some lovely quilts of places like Chaffeys Locks and Watson's Mill in Manotick). Designed as a wall hanging, this quilt is 4' by 3' in size.

It was on display at the International Plowing Match and Country Festival held at Crosby in mid-September 2007. Some 88,000 people attended the event.

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