Fall Sugar Shack
Fall Sugar Shack
photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2004

Every so often we are treated to a spectacular fall. 2004 is one such year, the colours have been long lasting and extremely beautiful. For me, the marriage of these colour with an old wooden building is extremely photogenic. Especially in this case, a sugar shack, long abandoned, the meadow it sits in now a beaver pond. It contrasts wonderfully with the reds and oranges of the maple leaves which have produced the sugars that will flow, untapped, in those trees next spring.

For those that think you have to go off the beaten path to discover such photogenic treasures, this one is directly visible from Highway 15. Of course, going off the beaten path does have its rewards since the Rideau is criss-crossed with rural roads, all of which provide a visual treat for the eyes when fall colours hit their peak.

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© 2004 Ken Watson