photo by: Ken Watson, 2003

While hiking one day, this sight caught my attention. A new pine tree growing from the centre of an old stump. The forests in this area grow quickly, as soon as an area is cut, regeneration starts right away. However, it is somewhat odd to see a pine growing from a old cut pine, presumably a seed landed in the rotting core of the stump, providing a good spot for germination.

Most of the Rideau region has been logged several times. Logging started prior to the building of the Rideau Canal, but it was the canal that facilitated the shipment of timber, with huge rafts of logs and sawn timber shipped through the canal during the 19th century. In the 20th century, operations became smaller scale and ceased in several areas with the coming of cottaging. Logging continues on a very limited basis today, mostly on land farmers own, helping to supplement their income.

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