Kayaking Bedford Mills
Kayaking Bedford Mills
photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2006

Kayakers admire the lovely stonework of the old mill at Bedford Mills, now a private residence. The mill, located at Buttermilk Falls, the outlet of Devil Lake, was built in 1850 by Benjamin Tett. It operated until 1904 and was later turned into a private residence.

The area is interesting to visit by water or road. A squatter sawmill was built here in 1829 by Barnet and Legg, later taken over by Benjamin Tett who obtained the water lease in 1831. A sawmill operated here until 1920. Several large wood slab wharfs were built (still visible today) to hold sawn planks, ready for shipment by barge.

Beford Mills was also a major Rideau shipbuilding site, with at least 29 vessels of various descriptions (mostly unpowered and steamer barges), being built between 1855 and 1921.

Bedford Mills c.1900
Bedford Mills (looking towards Loon Lake), c.1900
Photo 1040, Rideau Canal Office, Parks Canada

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