Old Stone Mill
Old Stone Mill NHS
photo by: Ken W. Watson

The Old Stone Mill in Delta, built in 1810, is a stunning example of a grist (flour) mill. In 1963, the last private owner of the mill, Hastings Steele, deeded the Old Stone Mill to a group of four people in trust. These people were the founding members of the Delta Mill Society, who continue to work hard to this day to restore the mill to its former glory. A major restoration program of the building was completed in 2003. Old Stone Mill StampBy its 200th anniversary in 2010, the mill had been transformed with many interpretive displays, a working water wheel, mill stones and a bolter - demonstrating how grain was ground into flour in 1810.

This particular photo was used in Canada Post's 2010 Flags Over Historic Mills series of definitive stamps.

For more information about the mill see: www.deltamill.org

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