New Chaffeys Mills
The "New" Chaffeys Mill 1
photo by: Ken W. Watson

The new owners of the old Chaffey's Mill (built by John Chaffey in 1872) are restoring the building for use as a B&B. In 2010, a new roof and new siding have restored the appearance of the mill. The unique wood/stone construction of the mill is due to a flood in the early 1900s that destroyed the front of the original all stone mill. At that time the bottom was repaired with stone, but the upper floors re-done with wood. It ceased commercial operation in the first part of the 1900s and in 1941 was purchased for use as a private residence. Once the mill is converted to a B&B, visitors will be able to experience the full ambiance of this historic building.

Chaffeys Mill in 1899
Chaffeys Mill in 1899
This 1899 photo shows the original all stone mill. A flume directed water to the water wheel
Photo: Chaffeys Mills. Mill flume, June 1899, Rideau Canal Office Photo 64.

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