Parked on the Tay
Parked on the Tay
photo by: Ken W. Watson

The section of the Tay River, between the canal dam and Port Elmsley, can get a bit shallow in summer. Here I have my kayak parked at the first set of shallow rapids, about a kilometre south of the dam. This section of the Tay River was much more navigable in 1834 when the First Tay Canal was opened. A series of dams raised the water to a 3.5 foot navigation depth and 5 locks allowed boats to travel from the Rideau Canal to Perth. By the mid-1800s, the locks had fallen into disrepair. A new Tay Canal was contructed in the late 1880s (the two locks at Beveridges) which bypassed this section of the Tay River.

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