Hartwells Lockstation
Hartwells - Locks 9 and 10
photo by: Ken W. Watson

Two locks provide 21.5 feet (6.5 m) of lift. The locks are located adjacent to Carleton University. Bicycle paths line the canal in this section.

In the original plan, no locks were proposed for this location. Rather, Colonel By proposed to construct three locks at Hogs Back. When the topography and character of the land was finally figured out, Colonel By decided to move two of his Hogs Back Locks to this location in order to save much extra work in excavation for the canal to Hogs Back. The astute will note that the total locks at Hogs Back and Hartwells today is 4, not 3. That's because Colonel By added a flood guard lock at Hogs Back, which isn't normally used as a lift lock.

For a full history of the Hartwells Locks see: History of the Hartwells Locks

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