Hogs Back Lockstation
Hogs Back - Locks 11 and 12
photo by: Ken W. Watson

One lock provides 13.8 feet (4.2 m) of lift. A second lock is present is but it is a Guard Lock (flood guard), not a lift lock. In times of high flood it can be used as a lift lock, but in normal operations it is not used. The locks are located where the Rideau Canal meets the Rideau River.

The interesting story here is the dam, the second largest on the Rideau Canal, but hard to see today due to the manner of its construction. A dam made of cut stones was originally attempted, but it was washed away three times during construction. In the end, plans had to be changed and a rock filled timber crib dam was built instead - it still stands today. The weir has been modernized over the years since it is in such a critical location (it bears the brunt of spring flooding on the Rideau River). The Hogs Back Falls (Prince of Wales Falls) that can be seen today are man-made, due to the dam and an excavated weir channel.

For a full history of the Hogs Back Locks see: History of the Hogs Back Locks

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