Clowes Lockstation
Clowes - Lock 20
photo by: Ken W. Watson

A single lock provides 7.6 feet (2.3 m) of lift. Part of the weir mechanism is visible in this photo - these weirs at most lockstations are providing water control just as they did when the canal opened for navigation in 1832. The lock was originally known as Clowes Quarry, the site of a canal era quarry operated by James Clowes.

Visitors will notice that Clowes and Nicholsons are not in line, rather they are on opposite banks of the River. This was not the original plan, but when the original location for Clowes was investigated, no firm footing could be found, and so the location of the lock was moved to the opposite bank where a bedrock foundation could be provided.

For a full history of the Clowes Lock see: History of the Clowes Lock

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