Blacksmithing at Jones Falls
Blacksmithing at Jones Falls
photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2006

Parks Canada blacksmith, Don MacKay, heats up a piece of iron with the able assistance of Michel Cotte on the bellows. The old blacksmith's shop at Jones Falls, built in 1843, is run today with authentic period tools and methods as part of the interpretive program on the Rideau Canal.
In 2012, Parks Canada shut down the blacksmiths shop - it is no longer open for heritage interpretation.

Don is an expert at providing a riveting running commentary as he alternately subjects a piece of iron to fire and hammer - creating lovely pieces of ironwork.

His assistant in this photo is rather special - Mr. Cotte is the Director of the Institut de l'Homme et de la Technologie, Polytech'Nantes, in France. An expert on canals, Mr. Cotte was here on an inspection tour of the Rideau Canal's nomination for World Heritage status.

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