A Hard Day's Work
A Hard Day's Work
photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2007

A journalist's working life is tough (in this case, Paul Schliesmann of the Kingston Whig-Standard - in the grey shirt at the back of the boat) - an all expenses paid boat trip along the Rideau Canal. It's even more of a slog for the photographer (Ian MacAlpine - the one taking photos of the lockstaff), having to jump out of the boat (and hence avoid the "work" of locking through) to take photos of the hard working lock staff (the people really doing the work on this trip).

This voyage is part of the Kingston Whig-Standard's in-depth look at the Rideau, the first serious print journalism done about the Rideau Canal in quite some time. The results of their efforts will be an 80 page supplement to the newspaper, due out on June 30, 2007.

This project is the brainchild of Paul Schliesmann. Many of the Whig's reporters have assigned to dig up all the interesting stories of the Rideau. They've been working for months on the project - this boat trip was to get the sights and stories of a full trip along the Rideau.The trip was done using a rental boat from Brown's Marina, the weather was great (it's always great) and a good time was had by all (oh - and even a bit of work was done by the Whig crew).

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