Run Away
Run Away ... Run Away !!
photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2007

An ominous horizon forecasts the imminent arrival of a late afternoon thunderstorm. In this instance the storm is heading towards the Newboro In-Water Boat Show on June 2, 2007, one of the many celebrations of Rideau 175. Although thunderstorms washed out the late afternoon crowds on both Saturday and Sunday, the event was fun for everyone who attended. The exhibitors that got soaked (those not fortunate enough to be inside the tent) noted that it was a nice warm rain.

The general public that came out to enjoy the event found lots of interesting booths, a wide variety of boats, enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers grilled to perfection by the Girl Guides of Canada, took free boat rides aboard "Chuckles" (with wonderful commentary by Captain Lance) and were entertained on Sunday afternoon with a magnificent performance by the Spirits Rising Theatre Troupe.

A trivia note in this photo is that boaters will have recognized that the planters (one green, one red) mark the direction of navigation (in this case going towards home port, which on the Rideau happens to be this very lock.

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