Perth Waterfront from under the Drummond Street Bridge
photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2006

If you have a small enough boat (under 7 feet / 2.1 metres in height) to make it under the fixed bridge at Craig Street, this is the view that will present itself as you pass under the Drummond Street Bridge and into the basin at Perth.

Perth FountainsPerth has added some lovely fountains in the basin. To make sure boats don't hit them, they have some rather large warning buoys. However, those didn't stop a silly photographer in a kayak, willing to risk expensive camera gear in order to answer the question "would it make a nice photo if I poked my kayak right into the spray of the fountain?" The answer, as the water drops on the lens will attest to, is "no." But it was lots of fun trying.

It's a beautiful trip up the Tay Canal to Perth, with lots of wildlife, particularly ducks, in the marshes. The only downside if you're in a little boat (such as a kayak) is that the docks in the basin are so high that it's impossible to get out. However, such little boats, or big boats that can't make it under the Craig Street Bridge, can dock at Last Duel Park (just before the bridge) and walk into town.

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