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This page links to a few pages with crossword puzzles, wordsearch puzzles, an interactive Rideau quiz, sliding picture puzzles and a photo memory puzzle. The crossword puzzles are quite easy for those familiar with the Rideau. For those that are not, the answers can all be found or at least deduced from information contained in the Rideau Website. Print them out and have fun with them. Keep them in your travel kit and take them out for the kids the next time you travel through the scenic Rideau. See Crossword 1 and Crossword 2

The wordsearch puzzles are also designed to be printed out. The words go in all directions so it may take some time to find them all. A "par time" has been included for those of you with a competitive spirit. See Wordsearch 1, Wordsearch 2, Wordsearch 3 and Wordsearch 4

The Rideau quiz is multiple choice. There is no scoring (no pressure), you will get immediate feedback about the answers you picked. See the Rideau Quiz.

The Rideau sliding picture puzzle is a neat Java application. It takes a picture and divides it up into blocks, which you move with your mouse. The object is to put the picture back together, one move at a time, in as few moves as possible. It is quite challenging. See the Slider Puzzle Page.

Another challenge is the Rideau Memory Puzzle - click on the tiles to reveal photos. Find the matching pairs of photos to remove the tiles. Try to remove all the tiles in the fewest possible moves. See the Rideau Memory Puzzle Page.

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