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The quiz on this page is interactive. You will be presented with a response each time you make a selection. There is no time limit. The results will not be graded. Just have fun !!!

1) In what year was the Rideau Canal officially opened?


2) The Canal was built under the direction of:

Lt. Colonel John By
Sir John A. MacDonald
Philemon Wright

3) The greatest danger facing the construction workers who were building the canal was:

Rock falls

4) The Rideau Canal is:

The most scenic waterway in North America
The oldest continuously operated canal in North America
The friendliest waterway in North America

5) What is the maximum depth of water on the Rideau waterway

1.5 metres (5 feet)
30 metres (100 feet)
100 metres (330 feet)

6) Which town is known as "The Jewel of the Rideau"

Smiths Falls

7) On the Rideau Waterway, when someone refers to a "crab", they are talking about

A ten footed crustacean having the first pair of legs modified as pincers
A method of lure rigging for Largemouth Bass
A hand winch used on the locks to open sluices and gates

8) What Rideau bird makes this sound (you need a sound card for this one)

Blue Heron
Red Headed, One Legged, Thrush Tumbler

Quiz Picture9) The picture on the left is of:

Davis Lock
Chaffeys Lock
Jones Falls Lock

10) If you are in a boat heading from Kingston, north to Newboro, you will see which colour of buoy on the starboard side of your boat ?


11) Which is NOT a Rideau Lake:

Lower Rideau Lake
Little Rideau Lake
Upper Rideau Lake

12) The wonderful rocky relief of the central Rideau is due to it traversing this part of the Canadian Shield:

Rideau Escarpment
Frontenac Axis
Grenville Front

13) Ottawa's winter festival, in which skating on the Rideau plays an important part, is known as:

Ottawa Winter Carnival
Brrrrr It's Cold

14) Where might you find a gathering of "buskers" on the Rideau ?

Seeleys Bay
Burritts Rapids

15) How many gallons of Maple sap does it take to make 1 gallon of syrup ?


16) The majestic flight of the 8 Ottawa locks is nestled between which two Ottawa landmarks ?

National Arts Centre and the Byward Market
Canadian Museum of Civilization and the National Gallery
Parliament Hill and the Chateau Laurier Hotel

17) Which lock reminded the soldiers, who helped to build it, of India ?

Hogs Back

18) A Rideau Lock is:

A device that uses gates and sluices to raise or lower vessels from one water level to another
A wonderful place to have a picnic
A living testimony to those early pioneers who helped make Canada the great country it is today

19) In what body of water did whales once swim over present day Ottawa ?

Lake Iroquois
Champlain Sea
Outaouais Ocean

20) Mining and Lumbering were two important economic activities in the Rideau area in the 19th century. Which pair of minerals were mined in the area ?

Copper and Nickel
Gold and Silver
Apatite and Mica

My thanks to Nick Adams for allowing me to "steal" his idea for using radio buttons and alert boxes to create a quiz.

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