Photo Tour Video: Smiths Falls (Detached, Combined & Old Slys) to Edmunds Lock
by: Ken W. Watson, 2012

This short (5 minute) photo video will show you some of the sights at Smiths Falls. Featured are the Smiths Falls Detached Lock, the Smiths Falls Combined Lock and the locks at Old Slys. Also included are the now abandoned original (1831) combined locks, the two original canal dams that are now almost completely buried and views of the Wood's Mill Complex (Rideau Canal Museum and the Rideau Canal Office of Parks Canada)

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This is part of a south to north series of the Rideau Canal, each video focussing on a single lockstation and the waterway between it and the next lockstation.

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URL: www.rideau-info.com/canal/videos/vid-12-smithsfalls.html

© 2012 Ken W. Watson

Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0