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Lake Associations

This section of the Rideau site contains information of interest to members of lake and cottage associations. Information in this section applies in general to associations located in the Rideau River and Cataraqui River watersheds.

Lake and cottage associations deal with a wide range of issues. Just follow the links below to pick an area of interest:

Rideau Area Lake Associations

(known websites)

bbBig Rideau Lake Association
bbBirch Island Association (Sand Lake)
bbCharleston Lake Association
bbChristie Lake Association
bbDog and Cranberry Lake Association
bbFarren Lake Property Owners' Association
bbFriends of the Tay Watershed Association
bbThe Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes Association
bbLoughborough Lake Association
bbLower Beverley Lake Association (LBLA)
bbOtter Lake Landowners Association
bbSand Lake Estates
bbUpper Rideau Lake Association (URLA)
bbWolfe Lake (Westport) Association

bbFOCA List of Lake Associations

Information of Interest to cottagers


bbWater Quality Surveys
bbDocks - Some Dos and Don'ts
bbLandscaping with Nature
bbWater Levels of the Rideau Lakes
bbLocal Contacts
bbInformation Links
bbPhoto Gallery - Rideau Cottages
bbPhoto Gallery - Rideau Boathouses

Rideau Canal Guidelines

bbRules and Regulations
bbShoreline Stabilization Guidelines
bbDocks - Rideau Canal Guidelines
bbBoathouses - Rideau Canal Guidelines
bbManaging Aquatic Vegetation
External Websites

bbFOCA Federation of Ontario Cottages' Associations
bbWatersheds Canada


bbBuilding a Loon Nest

Bass Sign & Brochure

Bass SignBass are particularly succeptible to pre-season fishing which can cause significant damage to fish stocks (catch and release is as bad as catch and keep).

Individuals and lake associations can help by printing and distributing the Bass Out of Season Brochure. It is available as an Adobe PDF document that you can view, save and/or print.

To remind people that Bass season doesn't start until the fourth Saturday in June, you can also download a sign showing this. Print it out on your printer and post it at the end of your dock (or local boating access point).

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