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2023 Note: while I am updating this site with new information (i.e. new (mid-December 2022) Rideau Canal Management Plan), I'm not doing the level of updates that the table below documents. So, unless I do a restructuring of the website, or some signficant new issue comes up that requires a stream of new updates, the table below will just be an archive record to 2021.

New on Save Our Rideau

January 12, 2021 - I've posted the draft of a new management plan for the Rideau Canal on the Management Plan Page. My initial review shows that it has many serious issues, including as failure to address Parks Canada's legislated requirements regarding ecology and cultural heritage and complete failure to address UNESCO's concerns (see previous post below).

For details see the the Management Plan Page.

March 3, 2020 - As noted in "Other News", UNESCO has issued a concern about two delvelopment that threaten the universal values of the Rideau Canal.

It is Parks Canada's failure of their Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy that has led to this. I've posted both the UNESCO letter and Parks Canada's anemic response to my Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy Page.

January 9, 2020 - It took over 3 months to get a disappointing reply from my September 24, 2019 letter to Ron Hallman. The reply does not address many of the issues I raised and provides misinformation for others. As expected, it's a self serving reply clearly written by Ontario Waterways and not by Mr. Hallman's office, but Mr. Hallman did sign it. It's just another piece of evidence that Parks Canada has abandoned its heritage mandate for the Rideau Canal. Very disappointing that Mr. Hallman apparently has no interest in the heritage presentation of its National Historic Sites, a legislated mandate of Parks Canada.
Read the letter here (PDF)

September 24, 2019 - I've written a letter to the new President & CEO of Parks Canada, Ron Hallman, listing several of the issues with Parks Canada's management of the Rideau Canal, including the lack of a senior manager on the Rideau Canal, the lack of public engagement and several serious heritage issues. I am hoping that the appointment of Mr. Hallman signals a return to Parks Canada core values (and legislated requirements), something that has not been present on the Rideau since 2012. We will see if Mr. Hallman actually provides a substantive reply or if I get my normal blow off letter from Parks Canada.
Read the letter here (PDF)

December 7, 2018 - Received a disappointing reply from Ms. Veinotte - as one person I shared this with noted "Unfortunately it is "same old, same old"." It's a letter that appears to be a self-serving response written by the Director's office (not by Executive Director Veinotte) and shows Ms. Veinotte's unfamiliarity with the heritage issues affecting the Rideau Canal. These are very serious issues that are not being taken seriously by Parks Canada - revenue generation continues to trump commemorative integrity on the Rideau Canal <sigh>.
Read the letter here (PDF)

October 26, 2018 - I've written a letter to the new Executive Director of Waterways (Ontario & Québec), Pam Veinotte. It touches on a number of issues including heritage presentation (lack of), public engagement (lack of), public transparency (lack of) and the lack of senior management on the Rideau Canal. I am hoping that Ms. Veinotte's appointment represents the start of a return of Parks Canada core values on the Rideau Canal, something that has been lacking since 2012.
Read the letter here (PDF)

October 8, 2018 - Updated several sections of the website to note several issues. This includes updating my document, The De-Evolution of Parks Canada written in 2015, up to 2018. Also updated the Management Plan section, since a new management plan for the Rideau has been delayed, yet again, now into 2019.

June 26, 2018 - I received a letter from Parks Canada (June 21, 2018) in response to my May 27, 2018 letter to the Minister. Given how misleading that letter was, I've written to the Minister with a response to that letter.
You can read the reply I received: Director Jewel Cunningham's reply to my May 27 letter
and my response to that letter: Letter to Minister McKenna, June 26, 2018

May 31, 2018 - I've written a letter to Daniel Watson, CEO of Parks Canada regarding Minister McKenna's report and my expectations that we'll now see some substantive changes in how Parks Canada operates the Rideau Canal.
Read the letter here (PDF)

May 27, 2018 - I've written a letter to Minister McKenna in response to her report on the Let's Talk Parks Canada! consultations.
Read the letter here (PDF)

June 22, 2017 - I've written another letter to the Hon. Catherine McKenna, this one about the liberal promise to reverse the Harper Government cuts to the Rideau Canal, something they have yet to do.
Read the letter here (PDF)

June 9, 2017 - downgraded a couple of sections on the report card bringing the overall average from D+ down to D. This is due to several issues including problems with Commemorative Integrity, Public Engagement and lack of pre-draft consultations regarding the new management plan. Parks Canada continues to give heritage a back seat in the management of the Rideau Canal.

February 15, 2017 - had a meeting with Parks Canada regarding cultural resource management (CRM). Very disappointing - it was apparent from the meeting that Parks Canada does not staff with the required skill sets to properly apply CRM policies. Parks Canada has refused a follow-up meeting.

February 2, 2017 - I received a reply from George Green, Vice-President, Indigenous Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Parks Canada which unfortunately doesn't deal with most of the issues I raised in my letter of October 31, 2016. It appears they have no plans to properly resource the Rideau Canal Office to be able to present and protect the heritage of the Rideau Canal.

Read the letter here (PDF)

October 31, 2016 - I've sent a letter to George Green, Vice-President, Indigenous Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Parks Canada detailing issues that he is directly responsible for. A copy of the report card was also included.

Read the letter here (PDF)

September 2016 - I've updated the entire Save Our Rideau website to hopefully make the many and complex heritage issues a bit easier to understand. The main feature of the home page is now the report card, with separate pages linked from the card (and from the main menu) detailing each section of the report card. See the report card on the home page.

August 2016 - I've updated the Built Heritage page based on new information I've received from Parks Canada.

May 2016 - Posted an updated version of my report "The De-Evolution of Parks Canada" all about how Parks Canada has abandoned their legislated heritage mandate for the Rideau Canal. While the new government has started to address some of the heritage infrastructure problems with new funding it has yet to deal with the many and deep rooted problems within Parks Canada, and specifically of its "management" of the Rideau Canal. May 2016 update sections have been added to the original September 2015 report.

May 2016 - Posted a disappointing reply to my letter and copy of The De-Evolution of Parks Canada that I received from the Minister McKenna (but clearly not written or apparently even read by her). Parks Canada is continuing on its old course set by the previous government. See the Communications Page.

May 2016 - Added information about the new infrastructure program announced on May 10, 2016 to the Built Heritage page.

April 2016 - Added a quote from a former Parks Canada Vice-President of Heritage Conservation and Commemoration, Larry Ostala, about the need to engage with the public (local communities and communities of interest) - something that is not happening on the Rideau Canal (or Parks Canada in general). See the Public Engagement page.

March 2016 - In the Parks Canada Agency, Report on Plans and Priorities, 2016-17 (PDF), Parks Canada has made a commitment to improve all their heritage assets that are in poor or very poor condition, to fair or good condition, by March 2020. See pages 52 to 54 of this report. This would include the 12 locks in poor condition that didn't receive funding in the June 2015 infrastructure funding (only 2 of the 14 locks in poor condition received funding in that program). The funding required to meet this commitment has yet to be announced (it was not part of the March 2016 Federal budget).

October 2015 - We have a new government, one that has promised to be more open and transparent - to reverse the "cone of silence" that the previous government imposed. We also hope it is one that supports Canadian heritage, unlike the last government. To encourage that, everyone should write to the new Minister of Environment (in charge of Parks Canada) to ensure that the message about returning Parks Canada to its legislated mandate, to preserve and present the heritage of the Rideau Canal, is heard. See the Communications Page.

September 2015 - Posted a report titled "The De-Evolution of Parks Canada" all about how Parks Canada has abandoned their legislated heritage mandate for the Rideau Canal, a National Historic Site of Canada and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's a detailed look at how Parks Canada has gone from a shining example as the steward of our natural and cultural heritage sites to a tourism agency that has abandoned its legislated heritage mandate. See "The De-Evolution of Parks Canada" (PDF)

September 2015 - Added a new Documents Page to the website. It's a one stop shop for the various documents referenced on this website (National Asset Report, Rideau Canal Management Plan, etc.)

June 2015 - Posted an analysis of the $40 million infrastructure funding announcement on the Built Heritage Page. This funding, which deals mostly with "safety of persons" issues (bridges & dams), does not address heritage needs (such as the many locks, including those at Kingston Mills and Jones Falls that are listed as being in poor condition). It indicates that the total amount of "deferred work" on the Rideau Canal is now $155 million (2015$) and that there will still be in excess of $116 million (2015$) in required work once this funding runs out in 2020.

June 2015 - Posted the 2015 Report Card for Heritage Management of the Rideau Canal on the Save Our Rideau Home Page. Parks Canada scores a solid D.

Summer 2014 - Parks Canada is spending in excess of $400,000 per year on a new Business Unit at a time when they are spending virtually $0 on heritage. It remains questionable (given Parks Canada's track record) whether they can even achieve cost recovery for this unit. And again, all done with absolutely no public consultation.

February 10, 2014 - Posted a transcription of the Rideau Canal data from Parks Canada's 2012 National Asset Review Final Report. If you want to see all the numbers (470 items) that total to a $104 million dollar maintenance backlog, head over to the Built Heritage page and download the PDF.

January 22, 2014 - Alarming numbers from Parks Canada show that the maintenance backlog on the Rideau Canal has now topped $104 million dollars. This is a very real threat to both the Rideau Canal and its status as a World Heritage Site.

See the Built Heritage page for more information.

November 25, 2013 - To graphically illustrate my concerns, and the response I received from the Minister of Environment to a letter I wrote last year about heritage issues on the Rideau Canal, I created a Word Cloud analysis of both letters. See the bottom of the Communicate Page.

Fall 2013 - Since both the Government of Canada and Parks Canada have been absolutely unresponsive over the last year to requests to support the heritage of the Rideau Canal and to meet the requirements of the World Heritage Convention, it is time to let UNESCO know that the Government of Canada is putting the World Heritage Status of the Rideau Canal at risk.

See the Communications Page for UNESCO contact information.

July 9, 2013 - A World Heritage requirement was to identify and protect the visual values of the Rideau Canal. To do this, Parks Canada created the Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy. This spring, a badly flawed consultant's report was released which does little to address the UNESCO request. It's another issue that is putting the Rideau Canal's status as a World Heritage Site at risk. See the Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy Page.

April 24, 2013 - Parks Canada is refusing to release information regarding comments from the public about the fee structure that they clearly have in their possession. The reply to a very simple request for information is a masterpiece of bureaucratic bafflegab. See the Misinformation from Parks Canada page.

April 17, 2013 - An unresolved complaint on the Trent-Severn to Parks Canada about their proposed hike in user fees has triggered the formation of an Independent Advisory Panel (as per the User Fee Act). See the press releases on this page (see right) and the Proposed New Fee Structure Page.

March 14, 2013 - Parks Canada has finalized its new fees proposals. See the Proposed New Fee Structure Page for details.

March 8, 2013 - Parks Canada will accept complaints regarding the fees until midnight on March 13, 2013. See the Proposed New Fee Structure Page.

February 19, 2013 - "Consultation" regarding the new fee structure is now closed. Parks Canada has until March 21 to resolve all the complaints it has received. See the Proposed New Fee Structure Page

Added a February 14, 2013 letter from George Ingram about fees and revenue generation on the Rideau Canal. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

February 12, 2013 - As we approach the Feb. 18 "consultation" deadline, I've added a few more observations about fees and how to attract more boaters. See "A Few Observations" on the Proposed New Fee Structure Page

Added a February 11, 2013 letter from former Rideau Canal Superintendent Gord Giffin. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

February 9, 2013 - Added a intro page about the threat to Rideau Canal Heritage. See the Rideau Canal Heritage Page

February 4, 2013 - Parks Canada has released a revised version of their proposed fee structure for its canals. See the Proposed New Fee Structure Page

Added a January 29, 2013 letter with a new fee proposal put forward by the Office of Mayor John Williams of Quinte West. They are soliciting public comments regarding their ideas for a more reasonable fee system. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

On January 29, after waiting for 207 days, I received a "reply" to my July 6, 2012 letter to Minister Peter Kent. It was a form letter that didn't address any of the heritage issues raised in my letter. It is very disappointing to see that Minister Kent and the Government of Canada do not care about the heritage of the Rideau Canal. See the Communications Page.

Added a January 23, 2013 letter from former Rideau Canal and Trent-Severn Waterway managers regarding magnitude of proposed lockage and mooring fee increases. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Added a January 18 & 23, 2013 letters from Neil Manders with a U.S. view of the cuts and fee increases. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

January 22, 2013 - updated the Jones Falls Photo Essay with a couple of photos and notes about the closure of the Blacksmith's Shop and the 1841 Lockmaster's House (Sweeney House). See the Jones Falls Photo Essay Page.

January 18, 2013 - Parks Canada has released a revised version of their proposed fee structure for its canals. See the Proposed New Fee Structure Page

Added a January 17, 2013 letter to MP Gord Brown from former Rideau Canal Superintendent Gord Giffin. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

January 12, 2013 - Parks Canada is proposing a new fee structure for the Rideau Canal with fee increases of up to 400%. I've created a page looking at the real costs of these new fees. See the Proposed New Fee Structure Page

December 13, 2012 - added a link to MP Paul Dewar's petition: Stop the Cuts to Parks Canada and the Rideau Canal. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

December 10, 2012 - updated my Dwindling Support page detailing the political reality of the Canadian Government sacrificing Canadian heritage for the sake of looking green (adding more "protected spaces" to Parks Canada's financial responsibilities while slashing their budget). See the Why the Dwindling Support for Our Heritage Canals page.

December 1, 2012 - added the details of the 2013 season to the Operating Season page. I also included the 2012 season numbers for those that wish to do a comparison. See the Operating Season Page.

Added a November 29, 2012 letter to the Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands Council from the Seeley's Bay and Area Residents' Association. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

October 23, 2012 - added an editorial titled "Saving the Season is not all Good News". The government announcement that the operating season would be maintained with modified hours is good news, but the reality check is that the already underfunded Rideau Canal is still being cut by 2 million dollars. See the Saving the Season is not all Good News page.

October 14, 2012 - added a small update to the Dwindling Support page regarding the federal government adding yet more park property for Parks Canada to administer while at the same time cutting their budget. No wonder Parks Canada has to steal the money for that from the heritage side of its organization. See the Why the Dwindling Support for Our Heritage Canals page.

Added a September 28, 2012 communiqué from Parks Canada CEO Alan Latourelle regarding the new Ontario and Quebec waterways units to the Restructuring Page.

Added an August 22, 2012 letter to Minister Kent from Inland Waterways International. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Added a September 4, 2012 letter to Minister Kent from the REAL. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Why the dwindling support of our heritage canals from Parks Canada? Why are our canals taking a disproportionate share of the cuts? I've put some thoughts about that into a little editorial. See the Why the Dwindling Support for Our Heritage Canals page.

Added short synopsis of a public roundtable held in Portland with Mr. Bob Rae MP, interim Liberal Leader, on the cuts being made to the Rideau Canal. See the Meeting with Bob Rae page.

Added the August 20, 2012 media release from several former Rideau Canal and Trent-Severn Waterway Superintendents and managers regarding navigation costs. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Added a link to the news page of the Canadian Canal Society which has links to the latest press on the issues. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Added a letter from the Rideau Roundatable and a link to a photo essay about Jones Falls by Orland French. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Parks Canada and the Department of Environment are now releasing misinformation under the guise of clarifying public misinformation. See the Misinformation from Parks Canada page.

Added a section about how the World Heritage Status of the Rideau Canal is being put at risk by the Government of Canada cuts and lack of attention to heritage by Parks Canada. See the World Heritage Status At Risk page.

Added a quote from Carol Sheedy, Parks Canada's VP of Operations for Eastern Ontario, and apparently a major part of the problem within Parks Canada when it comes to attention (or rather lack thereof) to heritage. See Heritage Value of an Operating Canal on the Parks Canada page.

Added the August 6, 2012 media release and letter from several former Rideau Canal and Trent-Severn Waterway Superintendents and managers. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Added the July 31, 2012 letter to the Hon. Peter Kent from Hunter McGill, Chair of Friends of the Rideau. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Added a new section called The Dumbing Down of Parks Canada. Parks Canada is using the recent cuts to continue its policy of eliminating most of the skilled positions dealing with heritage and ecology. See the The Dumbing Down of Parks Canada page for more info.

Added a new section called Restructuring. Since Parks Canada is making large changes with no public consultation, this info is hard to come by. But it is known that the Rideau and Trent-Severn canals will be part of Parks Canada's new Ontario Waterway Unit with the Superintendent based in Peterborough. See the Restructuring page for more info.

Added some actual numbers for the cuts to the Trent-Severn. Those cuts are 18.7% of their overall budget, far greater than the less than 6% cut to Parks Canada. It is more evidence that Parks Canada is making the canals take an unfair portion of the Government of Canada cuts. See the numbers section at the bottom of the home page.

Added a short synopsis of a public meeting held by MP Gord Brown on July 24, 2012. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Added a letter from Peter Au of the Rideau Roundtable to MP Gord Brown. See the What Other's Are Saying Page.

Added a letter from George Ingram to MP Gord Brown. See the What Other's Are Saying Page. As a former (retired) historian with Parks Canada, George provides an expert's opinion on Parks Canada's management of Rideau heritage.

Added a letter from Gord Giffin to MP Gord Brown. See the What Other's Are Saying Page. Gord is a former Superintendent of the Rideau Canal and knows first hand the problems with Parks Canada's HQ management of the Rideau.

Added a written response to MP Gord Brown's press release for a public consultation meeting. See the Communications Page.

Added a poster that can be downloaded and used to publicize this issue. See the Communications Page.

Added some budget number calculations at the bottom of the home page. See the Home Page.

Added the Parks Canada Charter to the Parks Canada page as a reminder to their upper management of what they are supposed be doing to support cultural resources such as the Rideau Canal. See the Parks Canada Page.

Added a letter I wrote on July 6, 2012 to the Hon. Peter Kent (cc to the PM and MP Gord Brown). See the Communications Page.
Other News

12 February 2020 - UNESCO warns the federal government about two projects, a plan for a apartment complex on the Cataraqui River and the Chateau Laurier expansion in Ottawa, could threaten the "Outstanding Universal Value" of the Rideau Canal World Heritage Site.

This is not unexpected, a process to implement protection of the visual values of the Rideau Canal has not produced any results and Parks Canada's lack of robust intervention into the Chateau Laurier project is a clear indication of their failure to respect their role as custodians of the Rideau Canal World Heritage Site.

August 28, 2019 - the Prime Minister has appointed Ron Hallman as President and Chief Executive Officer of Parks Canada Agency. Hopefully Mr. Hallman can return Parks Canada to its core values and, as the Minister's Working Group recommended, make ecological and commemorative integrity a first priority in decision making. You can see the announcement here: Prime Minister Announcement.

August 19, 2019 - the report from the working group has been released to the public. The report makes several recommendations, the most important for the Rideau is: "It is recommended that the Minister legislate that commemorative integrity will be the first priority in the management of national historic sites to be consistent with the similar objective on ecological integrity"

With that in place there would be a stronger legislative requirement for Parks Canada to put proper resources into the maintenance of commemorative integrity, particularly with regards to the requirement that "The reasons for designation as a national historic site are effectively communicated to the public" - something that is not present today in Parks Canada's management of the Rideau Canal. You'll find the report here: Report to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

3 December 2018 - Minister McKenna announced via Twitter that "Following the largest ever consultation on Parks Canada, a working group of experts in many fields will help us implement one of the recommendation from Lets Talk Parks, Canada, making sure that ecological/commemorative integrity is at the forefront of our decisions."

It's nice to see that one of the members of the working group is Dr. Christina Cameron, Professor and Chairholder, Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage at the Université du Montréal. Dr. Cameron has an extensive heritage background and will hopefully recognize the deep and systemic issues regarding Parks Canada's focus on revenue generation, being done at the expense of commemorative integrity. She has a wonderful example of that problem in Parks Canada's poor heritage management and lack of attention to commemorative integrity with their management of the Rideau Canal. See: Independent Working Group

8 May 2018 - A light at the end of the tunnel? Minister McKenna has released her report on the Lets Talk Parks Canada consultations done in January of 2017. From a National Historic Site perpective, it says much of what my Save Our Rideau website is all about including a need for Parks Canada to focus on several priorites, including "An emphasis on commemorative integrity at national historic sites, together with the need to dedicate additional resources to education and interpretive programs."

Currently, Parks Canada does not provided the Rideau Canal with any resources to do meaningful education and interpretive programs (that was stripped in 2012) and Commemorative Integrity has not been front and centre in the decision making for the Rideau Canal. You can read the full report on the Let's Talk Parks Canada website

4 June 2017 - Audit slams Rideau Canal managers for shoddy contracting. Parks Canada has disciplined managers responsible for the Rideau Canal, and stripped them of the authority to sign large contracts, after they broke numerous rules on spending public money. Part of the reason is the part-time management of the Rideau Canal due to the 2012 restructuring into a new Waterways Unit which stripped the Rideau Canal of dedicated management.

May 2017 - Parks Canada launches a shiny new website for the Rideau Canal. Heritage and Public Education is notable by their almost complete absence on the website. The site also contains many errors and out of date information. Not professionaly done.

30 June 2016 - MP Gord Brown calls for the restoration of heritage interpretation to the Rideau Canal. Brown has written a letter to Minister McKenna asking that Parks Canada redevelop interpretation programs for the Rideau Canal - something that was lost in the 2012 cuts and something that still isn't being done today on the Rideau Canal.

10 May 2016 - Minister announces new paddling docks and new infrastructure funding. A very odd announcement that put new paddling docks in Ottawa ahead of a $57 million infrastructure announcement. Both are good news, but the priority of the announcement should have been the other way around. It's a reflection that the Minister still does not understand the severity of the heritage issues facing the Rideau Canal.

17 January 2016 - Parks Canada acknowledged some 'minor' problems with Rideau Canal in 2013 report to UNESCO.

12 January 2016 - Heritage preservation and presentation absent on Rideau Canal, group warns McKenna.

17 October 2015 - Conservative candidate Damian Konstantinakosos in Ottawa Centre states the Conservative Party position that the Rideau Canal should be made to pay its own way, that it is not worthy of government support - "It’s important for sustainability purposes that what gets done on the canal does ensure that we can generate the revenue to maintain it." This is the heart of the problem on the Rideau Canal today, Parks Canada is focused on revenue generation at the expense of their legislated mandate of ecology and heritage. This problem is detailed in my report "The De-Evolution of Parks Canada." It's very disappointing that a major Canadian political party doesn't support Canadian heritage:

29 September 2015 - A new boat tour has been announced for Ottawa. The reality check here is that Parks Canada has replaced one boat tour firm with another at the cost of the loss of a full season (2015) of boat tours in Ottawa. If managed properly, they could have done exactly the same while maintaining tours for the 2015 season. It's another sign of poor management of the Rideau Canal by Parks Canada.

2 August 2015 - More bumbling at Parks Canada over boat tours, man alleges - more info on the failed attempt by Parks Canada to get a short term boat tour replacement in Ottawa.

22 July 2015 - Desperately seeking boat tours on the Rideau Canal - after driving Paul's Boatlines off the canal, Parks Canada has been looking for a short term boat tour replacement. But since Parks Canada has no business acumen they've only succeeded in driving away the potential replacment. Canal tours remain a non-option for tourists in Ottawa in 2015. See:

16 July 2015 - Parks Canada knew broken canal lock gate on last legs, former lockmaster says - See:

15 July 2015 - Ottawa Locks Station repairs leaves boaters waiting in river - a cracked heel post on an old lock gate forced a temporary closure of the Ottawa Locks: See:

1 June 2015 - Government announces an addition $40 million in new infrastructure funding over 5 years. The reality check is that this is in relation to the recent estimate of $155 million of required infrastructure work and there continues to be no funding for heritage. See:

18 May 2015 - Ex business owner hopes Rideau Canal facelift won't repeat history. See:

9 April 2015 - Park's Canada's new vision for Rideau Canal sinks Paul's Boat Lines tours: Parks Canada's demand for exhorbinate leasing fees has forced Paul's Boat tours on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa to cease operations after 66 years. Of note, this is the second tour operator forced by Parks Canada to leave the Rideau Canal (first was Rideau Canal Boat Tours at Chaffeys) for this same reason. See:

14 October 2014 - Parks Canada cut hundreds of jobs in regions with historic canals, analysis suggests: See:

29 June 2014 - New Parks Canada Media Policy Spurs Controversy: See:

26 June 2014 - New Parks Canada Policy Limits Information: See:

23 June 2014 - Rideau Canal Locks To Stay Open Longer: See:

9 June 2014 - Parks Canada says bridges over Rideau Canal suffering from severe rot: See:

3 April 2014 - Reader sees most cherished family tradition slipping away: See:

20 March 2014 - MP Gord Brown announces maintenance funding for the Rideau Canal (mostly dam work at Poonamalie). This does not appear to be "new" dollars (basic maintenance noted in the release is just existing Rideau Canal budget) and does not include any of the new 391 million allocated to Parks Canada: See:

18 February 2014 - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty neglects endangered Parks Canada historic buildings: See:

11 February 2014 - Internal report says Parks Canada buildings in worse shape than claimed: See:

31 January 2014 - Rideau Canal VEOC Report released: You can view or download it at:

22 January 2014 - Editorial: False economies on the Rideau Canal: See:

22 January 2014 - Rideau Canal faces $104M maintenance and repair backlog:

23 December 2013 - Parks Canada plagued by massive repair backlog:

13 December 2013 - "Whither ( wither?) National Historic Sites." Parks Canada deliberately targeted National Historic Sites (including the Rideau Canal) with a highly disproportionate percentage of the 2012 cuts:

22 November 2013 - We're not the only ones suffering economically from Parks Canada reducing canal hours:

29 October 2013 - Rideau Canal Boat Traffic Down:

2 October 2013 - The Trent Severn Waterway Working Group has launched a website about the issues affecting the Trent-Severn Waterway. Head over to:

16 September 2013 - Boat travel through Rideau Canal on record-low pace:

29 July 2013 - Maintenance backlog increases at Parks Canada:

16 July 2013 - Trouble on the Rideau: Canal struggles with reduced traffic, shorter hours:

7 June 2013 - Rideau Canal Mooring Fees Set to Rise up to 104% :

6 June 2013 - Mayor Fenik vows to keep Beveridges Locks Open:

14 May 2013 - Harper Government freezes recreational lockage fees for three years :

14 May 2013 - Review Panel Could Trigger Cut in Rideau Canal Fee Increases :

22 Apr 2013 - Panel will look at waterway fee structure :

17 Apr 2013 - The proposed fee hikes for the Trent Severn Waterway are going to an independent panel:

4 Apr 2013 - Many Parks Canada heritage buildings, highways in ‘poor’ condition:

17 Mar 2013 - Prime Minister Harper doesn't like Parks Canada:

16 Mar 2013 - Parks Canada Out of Touch:

11 Mar 2013 - Rideau Canal fees set as time for public objections runs down:

7 Mar 2013 - Government Cuts to Have Big Implications for all Ontario Waterway Communities:

26 Feb 2013 - Tourism bodies want Peter Kent to cancel cuts on Rideau Canal:

8 Feb 2013 - Tory MPs question whether Parks Canada should operate historic canals:

7 Feb 2013 - Ottawa City Committee calls upon Parks Canada to Drop Rideau Canal Boating Fee Hikes:

31 Jan 2013 - Beyond Bricks and Mortar - comments by Christina Cameron, former Parks Canada Director General of National Historic Sites:

27 Jan 2013 - Mayors angered over skyrocketing canal fees:

25 Jan 2013 - Canal changes don't pass smell test:

24 Jan 2013 - Parks Canada Loses Way with Failed fee raise:

24 Jan 2013 - Waterway insanity?:

24 Jan 2013 - Parks Canada Blinks:

23 Jan 2013 - Rideau corridor mayors not yet satisfied with Parks Canada fee changes:

21 Jan 2013 - Parks Canada reduces proposed new canal fees, restores passes:

16 Jan 2013 - Plan to raise Rideau Canal fees will hurt business, says heritage group:

16 Jan 2013 - Rideau Canal operator faces 2,100 percent fee increase from Parks Canada:

15 Jan 2013 - Liberal senator condemns proposed Rideau Canal fee increases:

15 Jan 2013 - The following notice has just appeared on the Parks Canada website: "Following the launch of consultations on fee adjustments, Parks Canada is pleased to have already received a significant number of comments related to its new proposed model for fees associated with canals. Parks Canada will determine by Friday [January 18, 2013] which adjustments or new products need to be added to the consultation package on canals."

15 Jan 2013 - Waterway fees sure to be a shipwreck (Trent-Severn):

15 Jan 2013 - New Rideau Canal pay structure would almost triple fees:

14 Jan 2013 - Editorial: Sinking canal usage:

11 Jan 2013 - Parks Canada's Proposed New Fee Structure:

- Public Consultations:

- Proposed Canal Fees FAQ:

9 Jan 2013 - Parks Canada Wrong for Waterway [Trent-Severn]:

11 Dec 2012 - Anger Brewing over Trent-Severn Waterway Cuts:

10 Dec 2012 - Long Exposure to History - a letter to the editor from Franklin Folts, the owner of the Hotel Kenney at Jones Falls :

9 Dec 2012 - After 16 years, Captain Lance and Chuckles quit the Rideau in disgust. New canal hours are too restrictive to allow boat tours:

3 Dec 2012 - Cuts to Rideau Canal hours and budget raising alarm bells:

1 Dec 2012 - Parks Canada announces the 2013 operating season and hours for the Rideau Canal. See the press release:

1 Dec 2012 - The new Director for Ontario Waterways will be Ms. Jewel Cunningham who will assume the post on December 3, 2012. For more info see the Restructuring Page.

23 Nov 2012 - Harper Government Slashes Parks Canada:

13 Nov 2012 - another example of the cuts to Canadian heritage by Parks Canada:

11 Nov 2012 - in Britain, government control of its heritage canals (British Waterways) was handed over this year to a trust (Canal and River Trust). What is interesting in this article is the fact that they spend £50 million (80 million dollars) per year on repairs and maintenance to their heritage canals. Wish we had that sort of commitment to our heritage canals here:

9 Nov 2012 - musings on whether responsibility for the Rideau should be switched from Parks Canada to the Department of Canadian Heritage:

2 Nov 2012 - After a long delay, the Government is now planning an expanded recognition of the Rideau Canal Construction workers. Lots of nice non-substantive words and plans for plaques but no mention of the fact that the budget of the Rideau is being drastically cut. In the release, Minister Kent states "I decided that the original designation should be expanded to honour their contributions," but the reality is that the dramatic budget cut dishonours the workers' legacy:

30 Oct 2012 - Question about Parks Canada's cuts by MP Paul Dewar and answer my MP Peter Kent:

18 Oct 2012 - Parks Canada's press release regarding the 2013 season and operating hours:

18 Oct 2012 - Minister Kent announces no change to length of 2013 operating season although hours will be adjusted:

16 Oct 2012 - Parks Canada cuts are placing our historic canals in jeopardy:

15 Oct 2012 - Waterway Operators on Trent-Severn looking for answers from Parks Canada:

11 Oct 2012 - Rideau Canal boat traffic down in 2012:

11 Oct 2012 - This is just sad, cutting a very small but important grant to Friends of McNabs Island - yet another example of Parks Canada's lack of public co-operation:

10 Oct 2012 – historic attractions closed at Jones Falls. Sweeney House and the Blacksmith Shop no longer being interpreted.

9 Oct 2012 – Rideau Canal workers to receive recognition soon?

7 Oct 2012 – Parks Canada cuts tour guides at Laurier House in Ottawa. Similar cuts happened to Riel House in Manitoba. The best interaction between a visitor and history is a knowledgeable tour guide, the proposed IPads are too impersonal, though they will please some.

28 Sep 2012 – Extreme weather and Conservative extremists a perfect storm for heritage waterways

27 Sep 2012 – Rideau Round Table planning a forum for next year looking at the future of the Rideau Canal.

24 Sep 2012 – Recognition of Rideau Canal workers not being delayed by minister

24 Sep 2012 – letter to the editor – Keep up Canal System

19 Sep 2012 – Historic designation for Rideau Canal workers in limbo?

19 Sep 2012 – Conservative Northumberland Quinte-West MP Rick Norlock mum on recommendations to Minister Kent on the Trent-Severn Waterway

18 Sep 2012 – Conservative Haliburton – Kawartha Lakes – Brock MP Barry Devolin calls for new agency to manage the Trent-Severn Waterway

17 Sep 2012 – letter to the editor – decline in historic sites

14 Sep 2012 – Trent-Severn Waterway is more than just boaters – letter to the editors -

13 Sep 2012 – Survey captures values of canal (Trent-Severn Waterway) – letter to the editors -

7 Sep 2012 - The slow death of the Trent-Severn Waterway is by design, not misfortune, an opinion piece by Al Hoy Retired TSW maintenance supervisor

5 Sep 2012 – Trent-Severn Waterway, Superintendent’s position cut.

30 Aug 2012 – Rideau Canal World Heritage Site designation at risk? Bob Rae, a Rideau Canal summer resident, meets with citizens concerned with the impact of Parks Canada cuts.

23 Aug 2012 – Parks Canada told to leave canal hours alone by Marina Operators

22 Aug 2012 – Stephen Harper would like to create a National Park in the Arctic, but, he won’t commit to reversing Parks Canada cuts, so that they can properly look after the parks we already have.

20 Aug 2012 – MPs to recommend that Parks Canada implement increased fees

17 Aug 2012 Talks on canal cuts leave out key players?

17 Aug 2012 Waterway cuts to be finalized in the fall: CEO

16 Aug 2012 Rideau Canal cutbacks don't make sense - letter to the editor

15 Aug 2012 No closure, fees on Trent-Severn: Parks Canada

14 Aug 2012 Let's not lose canal history - letter to the editor

14 Aug 2012 Historic Canals - put taxes dollars to work - letter to the editor

11 Aug 2012 Rideau Canal cuts extremely 'disproportionate'

11 Aug 2012 union head warns cuts will hurt Campbellford - Trent-Severn Waterway

10 Aug 2012 Peter Kent, Environment Minister's office, denies cuts are 'disproportionate'

10 Aug 2012 Rideau Canal cuts disproportionate

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