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Behind the Scenes

This section of the Rideau website features information about how this amazing piece of engineering works and how the whole of the waterway is maintained.

bb How a Lock Works - The basics of how a lock works.

bb Water Management Overview - how the Rideau was designed to manage water flow, how it is currently done.

bb Water Management on the Rideau - an article by Kerry McGonegal, Water Management Officer, Parks Canada.

bb Controlling the Waters - an article by Professor Brian Osborne of Queen's University

bb Rule Curves - water levels of the Rideau Lakes

bb Problems and Conflicts - a history of problems between landowners and the canal over the control of water

bb Maintenance of the Locks - a short article about yearly maintenance of the locks.

bb Emergency Repairs - A Tale of Two Sills - information supplied by Joe Brown and Bill Pratt of Parks Canada.

Current Water Levels

Parks Canada's Rideau Canal website has a section called Water Management InfoNet which details water management, including current water levels on the Rideau Canal.


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