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Ecology of the Rideau
This section of the website deals with the ecology (natural environment) of the Rideau Corridor. I've broken it out into four sections with information both on this website and external websites that deal with various aspects of Rideau ecology.

Ecology of the Rideau Articles

Rideau Ecology - A Brief Synopsis - the ecology of the Rideau in a nutshell.

Geology of the Rideau Canal - the underlying geology shapes the surface ecology.

The Shaping of the Rideau - a short article about the pre-canal Rideau.

Fauna of the Rideau - wildlife you might see along the Rideau (includes many photos).

The Nature of Wildlife Photography - tips and tricks to taking better wildlife photos.

How to Build an Artificial Loon Nest - how to build a loon nesting platform.

Ecofriendly Waterfronts on the Rideau Canal Waterway (PDF) - information piece about conserving natural shorelines by Hillary Quinn-Austin

Other Ecology Information

Water Sampling Results - Rideau lakes results of the Lake Partner Water Sampling Program (also includes lake temperature and ice-out charts)

Lake Associations' Section - Lake Associations are the front line on the Rideau regarding issues such as water quality. There are dozens of active associations doing their part to keep the Rideau pristine.

Ecology Driving Tours - in the driving tours section of this website are three eco-tours covering the northern, central and southern Rideau region.

Nature Photo Gallery - one of the many caps that I wear is that of photographer and I've put several of my Rideau wildlife photos into the Nature and Scenery photo gallery on this website.

Touring the Rideau - the best way to get up close and personal with nature is to use a non-motorized conveyance. This can be accomplished on foot: Hiking the Rideau, by canoe/kayak: Paddling the Rideau or with a bicycle: Bicycling the Rideau.

Behind the Scenes - information about how Parks Canada maintains the Rideau Canal and includes several articles about water management including the managed water levels of the waterway.

Permits and Regulations

The lake and river bottoms on the Rideau Canal, up to the high water mark, is owned by the Canadian government and regulated by the Parks Canada Agency. Local conservation authorities (Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority) also have some jurisdiction. Above the high water mark, the bylaws of your local municipality and regulations of the Province of Ontario apply. The following is a bit of basic information. Please check with each government agency regarding the most up to date information (see contact list).

bbDocks - Some Dos and Don'ts
bbLandscaping with Nature
bbWater Levels of the Rideau Lakes
bbLocal Contacts
bbRules and Regulations
bbShoreline Stabilization Guidelines
bbDocks - Rideau Canal Guidelines
bbBoathouses - Rideau Canal Guidelines
bbManaging Aquatic Vegetation

Current Water Levels

Parks Canada's Rideau Canal website has a section called Water Management InfoNet which details water management, including current water levels on the Rideau Canal.


External Rideau Websites
(with environmental data or resources)

CRCA Lake Reporting Dashboard - if you're on a lake in the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority area, a great resource in terms of lake information is their lake reporting dashboard. Check it out.

Friends of the Rideau - a volunteer non-profit organization supporting the natural and cultural heritage of the Rideau. Of particular interest are their brochures and guides page, their Information Links page, their Stop Wash page and their Be Rideau Loon Aware page.

Watersheds Canada - located in Perth this is a non-government, non-profit organization that works to help community groups become more effective in protecting their water resources.

Historic Waterways Research - an NSERC supported research program about the natural ecosystems, the impact of human activities and government decision making.

Conservation Authorities - these government agencies are responsible for administrating the many conservation regulations and initiatives as well as operating the various natural conservation areas along the Rideau. In the southern Rideau the organization is the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority and in the northern Rideau it is the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Landowner Resource Centre - this site offers the excellent "Extension Note" series of fact sheets - all available for viewing on-line. Includes titles such as Protecting Fish Habitat, Restoring Shorelines with Willows, Building Nesting Platforms for Ospreys, Caring for Trees, and many, many more.

Parks Canada - Rideau Canal - Parks Canada owns the lands and water of the Rideau Canal up to the regulated high water mark (about 1091 km of shoreline). So everything that takes place in this area is regulated by Parks Canada.

Rideau Corridor Environmental Organizations
(with websites)

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