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Nature & Scenery

Eagle & OspreyNew Eagle & OspreyNew Bald EagleNew Nesting EagleNew

Muskrat Loon and Chick Otters Zen Heron II
Muskrat Loon & Chick Otters Zen Heron

Just Ducky Wood Duck Liftoff Floating Big Rideau Conglomerate
Just Ducky Liftoff Floating Conglomerate

rainbow-sunset golden-sunrise green-heron osprey
Rainbow Sunset Golden Sunrise Green Heron Osprey

Poor Choices swanfoot Who's That Ahhhhhh
Poor Choices Swanfoot Who's That Ahhhhhh

Osprey - Go Away Osprey - Nest Building Osprey - I See You Hawk - Just Hanging Out
Go Away Nest Building I See You Hanging Out

Loon - back to nest Loon on Nest Loon on Nest with Chick Loon Chick Hitching a Ride
Back to Nest Loon Hatching 1 Loon Hatching 2 Loon Hitching

Loon Family Zen Heron Big Ears green-heron
Loon Family Zen Heron Big Ears Green Heron II

Katie and Snake snapping-turtle merganser-chicks pied-billed-grebe
Snake & Katie Snapping Turtle Merganser Chicks Pied-billed Grebe

Turtle Love Yikes turtles-lookup turtle-pushup
Turle Love Yikes!! Look Up Pushups

mergansers splash-landing bassnest loon
In Flight Splash Landing Nesting Bass Too Close

Wolf Raccoon Winter Swans Ice Leaf
Rideau Wolf Coast Clear? Winter Swans Ice Leaf

Heron-Cataraqui Froggy fall fence fall-sugar
Heron & Cataraqui Falls Froggy Fall Fence Fall Sugar

Turtle City Sunning Snake Loon with Turtles Loon on Nest
Turtle City Sun Snake Loon & Turtles Loon on Nest

Beaver Pumpkins Renewal Pileated Woodpecker
Beaver Pumpkins Renewal Pileated

Black Rat Snake Turtle Platform Heron on Nest Heron and Hawk
Black Rat Snake Turtle Platform Heron Rookery Defending the Nest

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