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Bicycling the Rideau
Jones Falls Loop
(38 kilometres)

The following are turn by turn directions for a self-guided bicycle tour. Mate this information with a paper or digital map (see the Maps Page for information on various maps of the Rideau).

This self-guided bicycle tour is a loop that takes in the beautiful lockstation at Jones Falls, the villages of Elgin, Philipsville, Delta, Lyndhurst and Morton. Sights include the Old Stone Mill Museum in Delta, the historic Lyndhurst Bridge and lovely rural scenery. Depending on your skill (stamina) as a bicycler, for the average bicycler, this is a very easy day ride. Please note that the kilometre distances are only approximate, they have been measured off a map. All the roads are paved.

Please note: some of the county roads have narrow, sandy shoulders (unbikeable) and there may be some truck traffic from local quarries.

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Jones Falls Loop Directions
  Km Location Description
0 Jones Falls If arriving by car, you may find that the large Parks Canada public parking lot, on Jones Falls Road, just north of the exit to the Hotel Kenney is a good place to park. Whatever you do, plan an hour or so to tour Jones Falls, it is well worth a visit.
0 Jones Falls Road Take Jones Falls Road north to Sand Lake Road.
0.5 Sand Lake Road Turn east onto Sand Lake Road and continue to Bush Road.
4 Bush Road Turn north on Bush Road and follow it to Davis Lock Road.
6 Davis Lock Road Turn east on Davis Lock Road and follow it to Elgin (be careful crossing Highway 15)
7 Elgin The service centre for the area, Elgin has all services including a restaurant and grocery store.
7 Cty. Rd 8 Continue east along Main Street in Elgin which will turn into County Road 8. Follow it to County Road 42.
13 Forfar Side Trip
(10 km)
At this junction, you are only 5 km away from Forfar, home of the Forfar Cheese Factory. If you crave locally made cheese, including fresh (squeeky) curd cheese, this short side trip is well worth doing. Simply turn north along County Road 42 to Forfar and then return to this spot.
13 County Road 42 Turn south on County Road 42 to Philipsville.
14 County Road 42 From Philipsville, continue south along County Road 42 to Delta
19 Delta Village of Delta. Take time to stop and visit the historic Old Stone Mill Museum, now beautifully restored. Restaurant and groceries available in village.
19 County Road 42 Continue south along County Road 42 to its intersection with County Road 33
22 County Road 33 Turn southwest onto County Road 33 and continue to Lyndhurst
28 Lyndhurst Lyndhurst Village. Take time to view the historic Lyndhurst Bridge (you can't miss it - you have to cross over it).
28 County Road 33 Continue southwest along County Road 33 to Old Briar Hill Road
29 Briar Hill Road Turn west onto Briar Hill Road and follow it to Morton.
34.5 Highway 15 At Morton, turn north along Highway 15 and follow it to the exit with Jones Falls Road (just a few hundred metres down the road).
35 Jones Falls Road Turn west onto Jones Falls Road and continue along it back to Jones Falls.
38 Jones Falls And we're back!

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