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Hiking the Rideau
Tips and Etiquette

The following are a few tips and trail etiquette to make your hike a safer and more pleasant experience.

Wear Comfortable and Appropriate Footwear - determine the type of hiking that you will be doing. Are running shoes appropriate or should you be wearing waterproof gortex hiking shoes or boots?

Have a comfortable pack - if doing extended hiking, make sure that you have a comfortable pack with suitable back bracing.

Bring Raingear - a lightweight poncho is a good carry along item to avoid getting soaked.

Stay Hydrated - carry enough drinking water to stay hydrated on your hike. On a hot day, remember to drink even when not feeling thirsty.

Keep the bugs off - if hiking during bug season, be sure to brink along some repellant. A sweat proof variety is best.

Stick to the Trail - hike only along marked routes, don't leave the trail.

Carry in/Carry out - Carry out what you carry in. Don't litter.

Take only Photographs - take nothing but photographs. Leave flower, plants and anything else of interest for others to enjoy.

Don't Disturb the Wildlife - try not to disrupt any wildlife that you may see while hiking.

Your Best Friend - make sure that dogs are allowed on the trail of your choice. Keep your dog on a leash at all time. Scoop the poop.

Keep gates closed - on trail areas that traverse farmland and private property, make sure to close all gates behind you or use stiles, where available, to climb fences.

Check in and out - If on any sort of extended hike, make sure someone knows where you are and when you are expected back.

Carry a cellphone - in case of emergency, this can be a lifesaver. However, be aware that there may be gaps in cellphone coverage depending on your phone provider.

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